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25 January, 2018

7 Coffee shops you must visit in Rosarito

Besides the beaches, fun, and gastronomy, Rosarito offers you diverse options for coffee, each one with characteristics that make them unique and attractive. Take a look at these recommendations and discover why you must visit them.
21 January, 2019
6 Lugares para festejar el año nuevo en Rosarito

6 places in Rosarito where you can bring in the New Year

If you don’t know where to spend your New Years, take a look at the options in Playas de Rosarito that we put together below. They all include dinner and a party. Come spoil yourself with a good time at one of these 6 places. Happy 2019!
21 February, 2019
Lugares románticos en Rosarito

14 romantic dinner spots in Rosarito to spend February 14th

February 14th is coming up soon and if you still haven’t figured out where to celebrate, below you can read about some places we recommend in Playas de Rosarito so you and your partner can enjoy a perfect date and delicious Valentine’s Day dinner.
9 May, 2019
Cañon Rosarito Baja California

15 Things to Do in Rosarito Beach this Fall

Rosarito Beach is mostly known as a spring-summer destination, but fall also offers options for a great getaway. Food, events, outdoor activities and perfect golden sunsets provide the mood for a vacation to remember.
9 May, 2019
Taco Avenger en Rosarito

10 Insanely delicious tacos for the perfect taco Tuesday in Rosarito

If you're a taco lover, these are definitely recommendations for you. We know very well that tacos are a part of Mexican culture, but in Rosarito, some taco stands have been in given their special touch to these delights, not just in their flavor, but also baptizing them with creative names.
21 June, 2019
cheve artesanal rosarito baja california

5 spots for a cold craft beer in Rosarito

The craft beer industry in Baja California continues to grow each day, new brands and styles are created often. We have gathered a list of 5 places in Playas de Rosarito that offer local quality and flavors for “Cheve Artesanal”.
2 October, 2019

Productions that have been filmed in Rosarito Beach

Rosarito beach; the small laid-back beach destination in Baja California that stepped into the national and international film and television industry spotlight, thanks to film director James Cameron and his blockbuster masterpiece Titanic, which earned him 11 Oscars including Best Movie.
16 July, 2020

Beaches are closed for the weekend

Municipal authorities announce that beaches are to be closed on Saturdays and Sundays, this is part of the efforts aimed towards reducing risks of COVID transmission.
18 August, 2020
Restaurantes en Rosarito Baja California Mesa Segura CANIRAC

Find out what restaurants are working in Rosarito to serve you at «Mesa Segura»

Although we know that the presence of the COVID-19 virus is a reality worldwide, prevention and special care will help us stay healthy. Aware of this, restaurateurs in Playas de Rosarito have adopted the concept of "Safe Table" with the intention of reactivating their activities without neglecting the health of their guests and collaborators.
26 August, 2020

The beaches in Rosarito reopen

After several months of confinement and closed places such as restaurants, recreational areas and beaches, we can finally return to one of the places that we most missed visiting this season, the beaches of Rosarito, following certain rules, from Monday to Friday from 6 to 10 in the morning and from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
11 December, 2020
El Arco Rosarito

Stunning Sunsets at the Rosarito Beach Arch

The time to go back out and enjoy the gift of spectacular visits to unique travel destinations is getting closer. Many of those breathtaking spots can be found in Rosarito. Here’s a must-see sight you have to visit as soon as quarantine ends.