A magical place just 20 miles south of the border along a beautiful coastal highway waits for you and your family. More than one million visitors come to Rosarito every year for the beaches, the restaurants, outdoor activities, the culture, and the nightlife. Many of them also come for the lobster, especially the Puerto Nuevo lobster.
Puerto Nuevo “ Lobster Village ” as it is known locally, is a real favorite for San Diegan’s and a long-standing tradition for many of those visiting from the US . You can enjoy incredible ocean views from most of the restaurants, however make sure you don’t judge the restaurants by appearance alone; you might miss out! Puerto Nuevo is a great little village with plenty of unique shops and arts and crafts stores to explore after enjoying a delicious lobster lunch or dinner.

The interesting thing you will quickly realize is that all the restaurants in Puerto Nuevo, many of which are family owned and operated, have the same menu: fried lobster, beans, rice, flour tortillas, chips and salsa, which makes it difficult to decide where to eat. However, most restaurants makes their beans, rice, tortillas, chips and salsa with their own twist and each has their own style of serving and treating the customer. During the season you will find fresh lobster but in the off-season frozen lobster which means lobster is available 365 days per year.
Lobsters in Baja also come in various sizes; however the best, most tender lobsters are the medium sized lobsters weighing around 1 pound. Even the owners will tell you that the burros, or giant lobsters, are very tough. When compared to what lobsters sell for in US restaurants, these are a real bargain. Most of the restaurants in Puerto Nuevo open around 10am and close around 8pm on weekdays and some restaurants stay open until 11pm on Friday and Saturday. Cash is king in Puerto Nuevo; however there are a few establishments that will accept credit cards.