Reasons to host your event in Baja California:

1. Connectivity

We have the second best connected airport on the Pacific, with over 120 national flights and approximately 7,000 per day.

2. Mediterranean Weather

It’s warm in the summer, averaging temperatures of 71ºF and chilly in the winter, averaging 64ºF.

3. Gastronomy

The location, people and weather unite to harvest and prepare high quality dishes.

4. Baja California Center

Located on the oceanfront, its one of the most modern meeting, conventions, and expo venues in the country. Learn more here.

5. Wine Country

Where 90% of Mexican wine is produced.

6. Natural Surroundings

Privileged surroundings, with gifted natural attractions.

7. Bi-National Destination

Visits to the neighboring country can be attractive for the previously mentioned activities or post conventions.

8. Activities

The best activities around meetings and conventions.

Check out our meetings and conventions guide here: