10 Insanely delicious tacos for the perfect taco Tuesday in Rosarito – Playas de Rosarito

10 Insanely delicious tacos for the perfect taco Tuesday in Rosarito

If you're a taco lover, these are definitely recommendations for you. We know very well that tacos are a part of Mexican culture, but in Rosarito, some taco stands have been in given their special touch to these delights, not just in their flavor, but also baptizing them with creative names. Now you'll know how to order like a pro on your next visit.

Vampiro (Vampire) - Tacos La Araña

Enjoy the flavor of carne asada but in a different way, imagine a carne asada sandwich with cheese, but instead of bread, some homemade tostadas! You can try it at Tacos La Araña.

Location Carretera Libre Tij - Ens, Rosarito North ( Near PET Express) - Map

Taco de Ojo (Eye Taco) - Tacos El Poblano

Step out of your culinary confort zone and try something different! This is an eye taco (literally) and even though its name doesn't sound that attractive, its flavor says the opposite. Echame un taco de ojo con todo compa! (i would like an eye taco with the works sir)

Location Carretera Tij - Ens, Km. 47, Rosarito North (Near Calimax Supermarket, North) Map

Samurai - Tacos El Mago

Why settle for a taco or a tostada when you can combine the best of both! Ladies and gentleman, we present you with "The Samurai", that you will undoubtedly love! A handmade corn tortilla quesadilla, with a crunchy tostada inside! you can choose "mixta" (Carne Asada and Adobada or al Pastor Meat) or "sencilla" (Carne asada or al pastor, one or the other) and all the classic trimmings!

LocationAv. Rampa Quetzalcoatl #7103, Colinas de Aragon, Rosarito, B.C. - Map

Perrón - Tacos El Yaqui

One of the classic tacos in Rosarito Beach! Famous for its juicy-marinated-to-perfection meat. The name comes from the expression ¡Que Perrón esta este taco! a northern Baja expression used to denote something awesome or extraordinary.

Location: Mar del Norte #115 12, Downtown, 22700 Rosarito, B.C. - Map