Interesting Facts You May Not Have Known About Rosarito


The climate in Rosarito is warm and cool most of the year, making it an ideal place to visit throughout the seasons. Its gastronomy is a feature that cannot be overlooked, as it never fails to astonish us with its exquisite dishes. In addition to the fact that Rosarito is sought after by explorers, adventurers and nature lovers, surfers equally flock to her beaches in search of the best waves. 

Muelle Rosarito

The Site Of Grand Productions

One of the highest grossing films in history is undoubtedly director James Cameron’s Titanic. The film's unparalleled cinematography credits Rosarito’s Baja Studios for all its grandeur. A little known fact about Baja Studios is that it was specifically built for the film. With numerous large facilities, stages and tanks, it covers an area of ​​nearly 45 acres with a majestic ocean view. More than 35 motion pictures and television series have been filmed here, both in the studios and in Rosarito City. Notably: 007 Tomorrow Never Dies, Pearl Harbor, Jumper, Little Boy, Compadres, Selena and Fear The Walking Dead (among many others).

A Trailed Destination For Adventurers

There are trips wherein we seek to escape from the city, the traffic, everyday life and the daily routine; trips where all we want is to get in touch with nature, enjoy a path amidst lush green expanses and immerse in the flora and fauna of our environment. In Rosarito there are distinct trails such as El Descanso and Cerro El Coronel, the Wetlands (among others) that are designed to do just that.  A number of them have detailed maps and signposts along the way to make your trek easier. The highest point of Cerro Coronel is about 735 meters above sea level. At this point hikers will come across a large rock formation with a gaping hole, where visitors can snap a photograph to capture the moment with the majestic backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

How Puerto Nuevo’s Famous Lobsters Began

When the town was founded in the 50’s, the fishermen of the area and their wives began offering tourists the fresh yields that came from local fishing vessels and accompanied it with rice, beans, butter, sauces and the large Sonora-style tortillas. To date that same combination is still offered to visitors to accompany the famous Puerto Nuevo-style lobster, which is one of the most traditional and popular dishes to the region. Not only do you find lobster here, but also fish, shrimp, cocktails, meat, seafood and more.

Incredible Waves And Great Surf 

Sun, sand and good waves are key components in what surfers look for and that’s exactly what you’ll find in Rosarito. Surfing is one of the leading sports practiced in the region. Among the top favorite places surfers flock to are beside the pier and at the famous K38, in addition to other points further south. If your goal is to learn this sport, summer camps are available, as well as classes where all age groups are welcome to learn and experience riding their first wave at Escuela de Surf Locales.

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