Sugarloaf Rock

What appears to be small rock in the center of the resting bay, below the water is a great refuge for marine life. Discover the colorful species that inhabit this place!

Level: Advanced.

Uribe 121

The Ex Oceanic Navy Patrol of Mexico "Uribe 121" was drowned the 21st of November of 2015, to convert into the first artificial reef of the North Pacific in Mexico. With 68 meters of longitud and a depth of 40 to 90 feet, navigating the Uribe is a unique experience.

Level: Advanced.

Coronado Islands

The Coronado Islands are found at the coast of Rosarito and Tijuana. This island is home to multiple species of birds, it is also one of the preferred resting areas for sea lions and sea elephants. Swim among them during your next adventure!

All levels.

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