Tourist services and the Coronavirus, Playas de Rosarito




Rosarito tourist servers are aware of the instructions given by the State Government and the competent authorities.

The hotels of Playas de Rosarito, in conjunction with the Association of Hotels and Motels, carry out the following prevention actions, so that guests, visitors and collaborators feel safe during their stay.

  • Sanitary filter: sanitizing mat, antibacterial gel, infrared temperature control.
  • Social distance: in all areas, maintaining a minimum of 1.5 meters between each person.
  • Use of face masks in common areas.
  • Disinfection of public telephones in the hotel (Reception and Operator)
  • Disinfection of the reception areas and Bars constantly
  • Disinfection of room keys that are given to clients
  • We have distributed Gel dispensers for our clients and collaborators in all areas of the hotel. With Antibacterial Gel (with more than 70% alcohol)
  • Cleaning in our rooms and areas is done twice with products that eliminate possible germs.
  • Our sheets, bedspreads and towels have a special washing process to eliminate any type of bacteria.
  • The drying of our sheets, bedspreads and towels, increased in their heat temperature that we normally use for prevention and guarantee of sanitization.

We want you to feel safe that in Playas de Rosarito, the hotels are taking the necessary measures to ensure that our tourists have a safe stay and that as a Hotel and Motel Association we will be attentive to any eventuality.


General information about COVID-19. In these materials you will find information about what coronaviruses are, symptoms, origin of the current outbreak, treatment and prevention measures.