Tourist Information


Rosarito Beach is found 35 minutes from the border of the United States, to the south of Tijuana and to the north of Ensenada. Its privileged location makes it an ideal destination, other than enjoying its attractions, you can also take joy in the surrounding places, like the wine route and more.

How do I get there?

The closeness to the International Airport of Tijuana is short, flights from all places of the world arrive here and it can be found 35 minutes by car from Rosarito Beach.

Reaching this destination is safe and simple, whether it by y public transportation or by personal vehicle. Take the freeway 1,2 or the toll highway 1D, follow the signals, put on your seatbelt and that's it.

Type of Climate

Rosarito Beach is a place where mediterranean and tempered climate predominates, in other words, there is no extreme heat or cold. In winter time (December to march) the temperature averages from 18° C and you can expect rain. During the summer (June to September) the temperature averages from 22° C, it becomes the perfect atmosphere for enjoying the beach and swimming pools.


Rosarito Beach counts on all the necessary services so that your stay is pleasant and safe. You will find money exchange houses, banks and ATMs distributed over the main vessel of the city and malls like in department stores. Insurance, gas stations, police stations, fire stations, Red Cross and hospitals open 24/7.

Tourism assistance & emergency numbers

Emergencies: 911
Assistance to tourists: 24/7: 078
Anonymous Complaint : 089
Green Angels from 8am to 6pm: 01800-990-3900
Red Cross: 065

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best season for visiting?
Any season! The climate is similar to the one in the coastal area of San Diego, but with constant sea breeze that maintains us fresh in the summer. During the year we enjoy an almost perfect climate with subtle winters and balsamic summers.
Is Rosarito an expensive destination?
No. While we have all of the high end services, we are considered to have accessible prices by the standards of California and definitely lower than the prices of Tijuana in terms of the hotels and food. Your money is enough for a lot in Rosarito and you can find excellent value for your money everywhere. The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and informal.
Is Rosarito and its surroundings safe?
Arm weapons are illegal in Mexico and Baja California has had the lowest rate of unemployment for almost 10 years, actually with almost 0%. Also the violent crimes have been less and the violence in general is practically non-existent. Though it is always smart to utilize everywhere the same security measures and antitheft that you handle at home. Close your vehicle. Use a safety stick . Do not leave any valuable articles in plain sight on the seats of the car and park in illuminated places.
Can I drink the potable water?
As opposed to the center of Mexico, the water of Baja California is from springs and has been considered safe for years. In addition to this, there is a Mexican Federal Law that stipulates that the Restaurants should serve purified "drinkable" water, tested free of contaminants for both the ice and the water. The majority of the hotels in Rosarito also provide bottled water or purified for the guest rooms and popular international brands of bottled water are available for your purchase in all places.
And what about money and credit cards?
The Mexican peso is the official coin of Mexico but due to the close distance to the United States border, dollars are accepted in almost all parts and the credit cards are accepted mainly in restaurants, stores and hotels. There are also automatic cashiers located in the HSBC banks, Banorte, Santander, Banamex and Bancomer. These accept Visa and Mastercard and proportion bills into pesos. If you prefer you can utilize pesos during your stay, you will also find numerous banks and money exchange houses in the central area of the city where you can exchange your money.
Can I take my kids to Rosarito?
Absolutely! Rosarito is a friendly destination for kids. There are many activities that the children of all ages can experience in a safe environment.
Do I need a passport?
Entering Baja California for up to 72 hours and exploring all the way to the south of the port city of Ensenada does not require a visa or another document of the United States or citizenship. Simply travel across the border (like 180,000 other people do daily), direct yourself to Rosarito and enjoy the unusual food, music, festivities and fabulous craftsmanship of Mexico without the bureaucratic bothers that are commonly associated with foreign trips. For more information visit
Do I need car insurance?
Any driver should count on travel insurance expedited by a Mexican company. This can be bought before entering Mexico b the borders of Tijuana and Mexicali, or by entering on the Mexican side. The insurance can be purchased to cover from 1 day or 1 year, whichever the necessity of the visitor may be. In case of an accident it is very important to have this insurance in order to avoid being detained. Member of the AAA can buy this insurance at any of the information offices in Southern California, united States.
What can I not bring to Mexico?
  • Jewelry, archeological gems, or historic objects.
  • Flora or wild fauna.
  • Any substance, product, merchandise or articles regulated by the exchange laws.
  • Fruits and vegetables that are not found on the authorized list
  • Pork meat (pork meat in a can, which is permitted)
  • Chicken meat (cooked chicken meat is permitted)
  • More than 1 liter of alcoholic beverages per person (only adults)
  • More than $10,000 dollars (without declaring the amount to the American customs